The Universal End

Posted by Paul Moss on Thu 12 January 2017

We are the last generation of humanity. We cast this message to the stars with the sincere hope that any other living being in the universe will hear it and will be spared from the mistakes we made. Please do not follow us to oblivion. Don't try to save us. Just listen to our message. Please listen.

We are the last generation of humanity. Some time in the next 30 years our population will be reduced below the minimum number for our species to continue to exist. We will eventually all die off and the era of intelligent life on our planet will be over. We are unable to reverse the downward trend of our population. You must not become us.

We are the last generation of humanity. We almost didn't notice. It wasn't a cataclysm or a war that ended us. The means of our end were so insidious that we didn't see it coming until it was too late. You must be vigilant.

We are the last generation of humanity. We died for spite. We died out of distrust and hate. We died because we didn't agree what the problem was. We all thought the other side was lying about what was happening and we decided to just dream up a lot of problems to blame them for. We blamed people for loving each other. We blamed people who said we should forgive each other. We blamed people who were just trying to live their lives. We blamed people who tried to help us fix the real problems. You must love each other.

We are the last generation of humanity. Everyone believed the other side, the idiots, were 'winning' and that their idiotic ideas would inherit the earth because there were going to be more of them eventually. We didn't want to bring our children into a world where 'our kind' were in such short supply. And so we all struggled. We struggled against each other and the future and the past. We struggled to be first. We struggled to be The One who made a billion dollars. We knew that we were the only one who deserved it. You must respect each other.

We are the last generation of humanity. Because we didn't want to share. The rich wanted more riches. The people with new ideas wanted to keep them secret because their ideas were too good to share. The people with food wanted to keep it stockpiled for themselves because their food would save them from the rest of us. Everyone kept whatever meager resources they could grab onto for themselves. They didn't share with anyone. You must help each other.

We are the last generation of humanity. No one could be trusted. Men thought women wanted to be freeloaders off of the sweat of their brow. Women thought men wanted only to use them as baby-making factories. Everyone wanted to steal what you had. No one would give you as much as you deserved in return. They were just trying to get one over on you. That's how they get you. You must trust each other.

We are the last generation of humanity. We let our mothers die in childbirth because they didn't have the money to have medical help having a baby and their bodies could no longer safely bear a child without medial assistance. The babies who were born often died because there was no money for medicine and because the ones who could afford medicine believed it was designed to make their babies sick. Everyone believed the other side was having all of the babies. That they would be the ones who would 'win.' You must take care of each other.

We are the last generation of humanity. The scientists have been trying to warn us for years. No one believed them because science was the one religion that never told you what was True but just what they believed right now. Why would anyone listen to someone who might change their mind at some later point when they got more information? We listened to the Truth, unchanging and forever True. You must value knowledge.

We are the last generation of humanity. We have made great works. We have made monuments to our greatness. We have buildings that pierce the sky. We have countless statues to remind us of how selfless we are. We had beautiful music designed to console us when other people hurt us. We have art that means something special and different, personal to each person that views it. None of those beautiful, wonderful things will survive. None of those accompanies this message. They will all be forgotten. They are the price we pay to tell you this message. They are the price we pay so that you can hear our warning. You must listen.

We are the last generation of humanity. Now our entire existence serves only as a warning to others who may be out there receiving this message. Maybe it was for the best. You must not become us.

You must live.

Artifact: Last words of "humanity"

Description: This message was found etched on a golden disc recovered from a ship floating in space by the Collective of Argus. Their message was translated by the work of a scholarly enclave devoted to its study for 5 turns.

Interpretation: The tone of the message suggests that "humanity" never knew any Collective other than their own. Although the message does not state this, it is generally believed that the "humanity" society all died before developing an understanding of basic common sense which everyone in the Collective knows was one of the earliest traits used by our pre-collectives who first crawled out of the ground and into the light. They seem to think that other collectives could suffer from their own deformities, which is quite abundantly impossible by our own example. It is unclear why they believe that their abject failure to survive as a species earns them the privilege of issuing the commands included in their message, but scholars have theorized that this self-contradiction is inherent in their species and was likely a principle factor in their downfall. Our collective structure prevents such self-delusions, so their words simply do not apply.

Recommendation: Ship this artifact over to the Mound. They will probably benefit from the message more than we would. Maybe they'll learn to live in a proper collective instead of in their unworkable 'community' debacle before the fools all die off too. Perhaps seeing the remnants of a collective from a different world will finally make them look up from the dirt and think about the future instead of just building more birthing hives.

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